Sunday, December 6, 2009


HEy... everyone my today topic is Jewelry

Who doesn't love jewelry I mean really?!... Jewelry in general not just pretty diamonds but everything like rings, watches, bangles, necklaces and etc..

I do love love love it all but I like to wear just a certain amount of jewelry. Sometimes outfits are better off with less amounts of jewelry especially if you want all the focus on your gorgeous cocktail dress.

It makes you look elegant when you have just an extravagant piece on with your outfit like maybe a huge necklace that just makes you go, wow!!.Like This one ..I think tyhis is just a perfect peace



This beautiful feature chain necklace is by none other than Fiona Paxton. She is a high end jewelry designer. You can tell by looking at her pieces that they are kind of pricey but also worth it if its in your budget. I would love this necklace it would so nice with a gorgeous plain navy blue cocktail dress for a party. This featured necklace is called Sylvie and it can be purchase at boutiques.

Tip#1. What you want to do with jewelry is for instance when shopping find something that you could wear casually. Then make it your signature piece wear it with whatever you choose from formal wear to just casual wear like a a sweat outfit. Like above the super beautiful Fiona Paxton necklace you could easily wear that causally.

xoxo Cathy xoxo

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  1. Your blog is amazing- such pretty pictures!
    If you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep up the great blog :)