Thursday, January 28, 2010

Listen up! Ridiculously Important Skin Care Update!

Listen up! Ridiculously Important Skin Care Update!

For as long as I can remember.. everything skin related for me has been Neutrogena.

Oil-free this oil-free that. Well let me tell you in case you didn't know (because I just found this out).. OIL-FREE IS HORRIBLY BAD FOR YOUR SKIN.

Oil-free cleansers are harsh.. because they are oil-free. The harshness leaves your skin parched. You know that tingly / tight feelings you get after washing your face with one of these popular cleansers? That's not good at all.

That's the feeling of your skin being ridiculously parched. You know what ridiculously parched skin leads to? Premature
WRINKLES. Yes.. i said it. Wrinkles. Granted I'm 20 years old and probably won't get wrinkles anytime soon (I sure hope not at least..) it still freaked me out when I read this.

Oil-free cleansers claim to be better for your skin because oil cloggs your pores and gives you acne. FALSE. Oil is your face's friend! You need to restore the oils in your face not strip them.

Shu Uemura cleanser's are oil based and wonderful. They're crazy pricey.. so I just recommend good old Cetaphil.

I was under the impression that this was always for old ladies.. but really it's wonderful. My skin feels so much softer after just one use.

Next time you're out buying your face wash.. skip Neutrogena.. Clean & Clear.. Clearasil.. stay away from anything oil-free.
so i hope you guy will belive me !!

xoxo Cathy xoxo

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