Sunday, November 22, 2009

the no makeup look!!.

Yesterday my friend and i were talking... and we were talking about how people look without makeup on.

So i decided that this would be my new inspiration. the no makeup look!!. i mean someday i feel so.... lazy and i don't really bother with the whole makeup routine.

just something on my lips and that's it. i love the whole minimalist approach to makeup in fall/winter.

what i'm loving right now?
  • bronzed + rosey cheeks
  • cat eyes or smudged eyeliner.
  • big doe eyes
  • taupe + champagne eyeshadow
  • nude lips!!!!
  • rosey salmon lips
  • thick, volumnious, long, defined lashes :)
  • up do's.
  • long messy waves
  • properly shaped eyebrows
  • matte matte matte skin :)
pictures below!

xoxo Cathy xoxo


  1. Good Luck! The no makeup look/ minimalist makeup is always beautiful.

    Haha, I wish I had doe eyes. Like with Gemma Ward. Those are amazingly pretty. :)