Sunday, November 8, 2009

the secret to hydrated hair.

Hey guys :)

ever notice that no matter how much you wash and condition your hair, it stays DRY?!

well..., I do. I went online, did some wonderful research and found some charming info that will get your hair from dry and brittle to moisturized and hydrated!

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let's start with cleansing.


1. When shampooing your gorgeous locks, ONLY apply it to the roots. Gently scrub and massage shampoo at the crown and roots of your hair. Then, when rinsing, the soapy suds will falls on the rest of the hair. It's okay--it's enough to clean it.

2. Make sure you're using the right shampoo. If the label says "For Oily Hair" and your hair is dry, STOP USING IT!!! Anti-oily shampoo's try to eliminate the oil by taming the oil glands on your scalp and by reducing the appearance of greasy hair during the day. Problem? If you have dry hair, this will only dry it out more! Try a shampoo for your hair type, like these:


1. Now it's the opposite with conditioner--only condition the ends. They are the driest part of the hair because they're furthest from the roots, which produce the natural oils, essential in having healthy hair. If you DO condition all over, it may cause extra oil and grease to build up, and that's a no-no.

2. Buy a weekly conditioning treatment. One day a week, let's say, every Saturday, when taking a shower, apply a conditioning treatment. Doing so will allow your precious hair to "heal itself", if you will. It will rejuvenate the hair follicles and strengthen your hair as long as you use it properly.

Hair Products

We all know and love hair products. You know what I'm talkin` about: gel, mousse, hairspray, pomade, wax, anti-frizz products, volumizing sprays. They can add up--and add damage! If you use these products daily, it's okay...we all do. But just make sure you're cleansing your hair everyday to remove build-up. If you leave the products in overnight, your hair will be nasty.

Heating/Styling Tools

Straightening. Curling. Crimping (a little outdated, but whatever). Blow drying. We've all done it, and maybe a little too much. I for one never straighten my hair (hallelujah for naturally straight hair) but I'd KILL for curls and tendrils. But i know if I curl my hair too much, it will cause damage, dryness and even become brittle. That's why, my heat-addicted ladies, you need to protect your hair with a heat defense spray, like this one from Vo5. It will save your hair if you just spray before you heat, trust me!

Well, I really hope you got something out of my tips and tricks :)

Pleasseee use them because if you do, I know you'll have noticeably more beautiful, less damaged hair.

And i will try it out too :) *

Miss cathy

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  1. I have the exact same problem! That's why I hate going to the hairdressers cause they also moan about my hair's dryness...

    Thanks for the new haircare routines!